Builder in Hermanus: bricklaying tips for DIY projects

Builder in Hermanus: bricklaying tips for DIY projects

If you decide to try out some bricklaying on a small DIY project, for example a brick braai or garden planter, you may find the following tips useful:

Firstly you will need the following tools: a trowel, a lump hammer and bolster, a spirit level, a set of string lines, a pointing iron and pointing trowel, a soft brush, a cement mixer or if mixing by hand a spot board or wheelbarrow.

Always start with a small sample wall before diving straight in to your project: a simple 4 course brick wall will give you an idea of your ability.

Mix some mortar using 4 parts sand to 1 part cement. This should look similar to a cake mix consistency and not be too wet. Make sure you mix a plasticiser with water into your mix as this will enable you to use the mortar for longer and will also make the laying easier. Ensure that the mortar and the brick supply are as close as possible to your work area and don’t mix more mortar than you would need for an hour’s bricklaying.

Avoid getting cement in your eyes at all costs as it can burn badly so wear safety goggles when mixing the mortar. It is also a good idea to use gloves when making up the mortar as contact with your skin can cause severe irritation.
Always lay bricks in a half-bond pattern where the vertical joints are staggered as this gives the finished brickwork added strength and support.

To start building a straight wal,l build 2 or 3 courses each end of the wall and using a string line fill in the brickwork and this will keep your finished wall straight.

Builder in Hermanus

If you live in the greater Hermanus / Walker Bay / Overstrand area and would like a professional bricklayer to carry out your home improvements please contact Donnelly Home Maintenance.