Preliminary DesignBuilder in Hermanus:  Deciding to Build an Home Extension

Builder in Hermanus:  Deciding to Build an Home Extension

Deciding to build an extension is a big decision but it can transform your house by adding precious space that can be used for your growing family or visiting friends and relatives and can also add substantial value to your property if designed and constructed correctly.

Points to consider when planning an extension are:

1. What you want the extra space to be used for: is it for personal use or solely to increase property value.

2. Whether you want a single or double storey extension: single-storey extensions are simpler and take less time to construct while double-storey extensions may take longer to build but will give you a great deal more space and may not cost as much as you imagine as the expensive part of any extension is the foundations, groundwork and over site.

3. Where you want to situate the extension: you need to visualise where the extension will go as you do not want to unbalance the existing house.

4. What your extension will look like: the new addition should be built in keeping with the existing house and be sympathetic with the existing style.

Builder in Hermanus

If you would like to discuss the building of an extension to your property please call Donnelly Home Maintenance in Hermanus. We provide a complete building service in the Overstrand / Overberg and Walker Bay area.