Builder in Hermanus:  repairing cracks in plaster walls

Builder in Hermanus:  repairing cracks in plaster walls

Repairing small cracks is often easier than re-plastering an entire wall.

Tools and supplies required: good quality filler, a scraper, sandpaper, a chisel, a paintbrush, primer and original wall paint

To begin use the chisel to clean out and widen the crack in order to allow the filler a larger surface area to grip and fill. Sweep out any loose debris with a paint brush or vacuum out the dust so that there are no stray particles in the filler and the finish will be smoother.

Dampen down the crack / plasterwork which will slow down the drying of the filler enabling it to grip better to the existing plaster.

Using the flat scraper, apply the filler to the crack, cleaning off any surplus amounts to leave the wall as smooth as possible.

Leave the patch overnight to dry completely and then smooth it over with sandpaper.

Apply a primer as your first coat and then redecorate by applying two coats of the original colour preferably using the same painting tool used (for example use a roller brush if the wall was originally painted that way or a brush if that is how it was decorated.)

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