Builder in Hermanus:  tips on painting a ceiling

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Painting a ceiling is one of the most disliked DIY jobs around….however, if you chose to do this yourself here are my top tips to make the job a little easier:


1. Remove all curtains and wall fittings and remove light fittings. You may just have to paint around down-lighters
2. Try to empty the room as much as possible but furniture that has to remain must be completely covered with dust sheets
3. Cover the floor or carpet with thin polythene or dust sheets
4. Paint in natural daylight if at all possible to avoid shadows as you will miss patches in artificial light.
5. Buy the best quality emulsion that you can afford as this will save you time and money in the long run.
6. Give your ceiling a quick clean with warm soapy water to remove any cobwebs and dust. Ensure that you leave this to dry for at least an hour before starting to paint.
7. Fill in any cracks and holes and allow the filler to dry before giving this a rub over.
8. Begin by “cutting in”: this entails painting the edges of the ceiling with a small brush.
9. Now begin painting the whole ceiling using a roller for maximum coverage and a smooth finish. If you get a roller with an extending handle this will save having to use steps.
10. It is preferable to start in one corner and work across the room horizontally until the entire ceiling is covered
11. Always apply 2 coats ~ if you are really unlucky you will have to do a third one!

Builder in Hermanus

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