Handyman in Hermanus – Patio Care

Handyman in Hermanus – Patio Care

The weather, traffic, moss and mould growth all take their toll on your patio and your driveway which can be dulled by a combination of water, U.V and abrasion.

Over the winter months living by the sea in Hermanus, patios and paving can become coated in unsightly dirt, slime, moss and fungus so using a pressure washer is an ideal way to remove it.

Before you start to use your pressure washer brush clean the patio or paving to remove any small stones that could fly up if the high pressure water comes into contact with them.

Pressure washers generally have various settings on the end of the jet nozzle to adjust the level of pressure and the pattern of water jet that comes out, this can vary from a very powerful narrow jet to a more subtle ‘fan’ of water.

If you would like a professional to clean your patio and paving simply give Donnelly Home Maintenance in Hermanus a ring. We offer a comprehensive handyman service and no job is too large or too small.

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