Handyman in Hermanus – Treating exterior woodwork

Handyman in Hermanus – Treating exterior woodwork

All exterior woodwork needs protecting from the elements as the weather can damage and stain it if it is left exposed and unprotected. Wooden window frames, decking, fencing, gates and garden furniture can all swell in wet weather when the wood absorbs water and shrink, crack and split in warm weather. In addition the ultra violet rays of the sun can cause timber to turn grey and look unattractive and tired. In areas like Hermanus that are hot in summer and very wet in winter, these extremes cause a cycle of expansion and contraction that can seriously damage exterior woodwork.

To protect your exterior woodwork first choose the colour of the stain / varnish that you would like to apply and then lightly rub over with sandpaper. Fill any cracks that have appeared as soon as possible with flexible wood filler that can be bought in the same shades as your wood.


Ensure that you thoroughly dust and remove any fine debris. Most stains can be applied with a brush, cloth or sponge and ensure that you always follow the instructions on the tin of product that you have chosen. Always apply a minimum of two coats and carry out this maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that your woodwork has a long life and remains in a premium condition.

A tip for to extend the life of your varnished exterior woodwork is to maintain it regularly by wiping it over with a damp cloth as when the varnish heats up it melts is absorbed by the dust. Regular removal of the dust will prolong the life of your varnish. You could varnish once a year to ensure a good coat of protection.

Handyman in Hermanus

If you would prefer a professional to carry out your exterior woodwork maintenance, please contact Donnelly Home Maintenance in Hermanus.