Handyman Services in Hermanus – Curing Creaking Floorboards

Handyman Services in Hermanus – Curing Creaking Floorboards

Creaking floorboards in the middle of the night (and any other time of day!) can be truly irritating and one of those DIY projects that one never seems to get around to…

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Well, here are my tips for getting rid of creaking floorboards for ever:

You will need the following tools: a hammer, bolster chisel, pencil, power or battery drill, 4mm pilot drill bit, 8mm approx drill bit, medium / large cross head screwdrivers.

If the floorboard is loose in places it will have to be screwed down using wood screws which screw into the joists below. Before you do anything, lift the floorboard with a bolster chisel and hammer and take a look to see if there are any pipes or cables present.
If so then they should be running in the centre of the joists. If they aren’t running central take note of where they are so you don’t put a screw through them. Mark the joists position on the adjacent floorboard so you know where they are when you replace the floorboard.

The floorboard will need pilot holes (4mm) drilling approximately 25mm in from each edge in line with the joists, this is to stop the wood splitting. You can counter sink the pilot holes using a drill bit the same diameter as the screw heads so they finish flush with the floorboard. Select an appropriate length of screw, preferably cross head and replace the floorboard and screw it down. There, no more creaking!

If you would like a professional to sort out your creaking floorboards then give your local builder and handyman services in Hermanus a ring for free and friendly advice.