Hermanus Builder – Floor tiling over timber / concrete floors

Hermanus Builder – Floor tiling over timber / concrete floors

If you are considering updating your bathroom or kitchen floor then tiling the floor can result in a completely new look and feel.

Before you start tiling, decide if you would like to install under-floor heating and check what the current floor is made of as this is important when choosing the correct adhesive. Then choose your tiles and ensure that you have all the tools necessary for the job: tape measure, tile spacers, tile cutter, square notched trowel, sponge, bucket and spirit level.

If you are tiling over existing timber floors you must bear in mind that these move a lot and this can cause tiles to crack. If your floor boards are firmly fixed and level you could get away with a flexible adhesive but if the boards are uneven or loose you must lay plywood over all timber floors before tiling. You must ensure that all screws or nails are driven or punched in to create a smooth flat surface to work on. Paint the plywood with 2 coats of diluted pva adhesive to slow down the drying time of tiling adhesive and allow you more time to work

If you are tiling over concrete or screeded floors you must ensure that they are dust-free and that any bumps and dips are levelled out using self-levelling compound and levelled with a steel float. Apply 2 coats of diluted pva adhesive and lay the tiles while the floor is still slightly damp to prevent the adhesive drying out too quickly.

If you would like a quotation to have your floors tiled please contact your local builder in Hermanus, Donnelly Home Maintenance.