Hermanus builder:  tips on installing loft / attic insulation

Hermanus builder:  tips on installing loft / attic insulation

Un-insulated lofts account for approximately ¼ of your home’s heat loss through the roof of your home. This in turn costs you money, makes your house colder and wastes valuable energy.

Installing loft insulation is a great energy saving measure that is relatively simple to carry out yourself as it is sold in rolls at your local DIY store. I would recommend 270mm deep insulation at ceiling level to make the most difference, but any depth will retain heat and save you money.


• Try to do this job in winter as most lofts and attics are very unpleasant places to work in the heat of summer!
• Empty out the loft before you begin and ensure that there is adequate lighting installed so that you can see what you are doing.
• If there is debris between the joists this will have to be removed prior to laying the insulation.
• Only roll out the insulation once you are in the loft.
• Keep eyes out for electrical cables as these should be kept above the insulation to prevent them overheating
• Loft insulation is comprised of millions of tiny fibres that can cause severe irritation so ensure that you are wearing a dust mask and gloves and definitely goggles to protect your eyes and preferably some form of protective clothing. Remember to wash this clothing separately afterwards.
• Use 2 or 3 boards to stand on and keep moving them about to where you are working. Do not stand on the ends of the boards or they will tip up….
• Start at the lowest point of your roof and push the roll out. Ensure that you leave a gap of about 5cm along the eaves so that air can still circulate.
• Cut the insulation to the size you require using a Stanley knife or hand saw.
• Lay the insulation between the roof joists and then over them and remember to keep on the joists or you may end up going through the ceiling!
• Because your loft is now insulated it will be colder than before so if your water tank and pipes are not already insulated, they must now be wrapped.

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If you live in the Hermanus / Walker Bay / Overstrand area and would like your loft insulated for the winter by a professional builder, please contact Donnelly Home Maintenance.