Hermanus Handyman – Making Your Home Secure

Hermanus Handyman – Making Your Home Secure

A man’s home is his castle and it is essential that you do everything you can to make your home completely secure: some things you already do such as lock your doors, lock your windows and keep lights on when you are away.

Here are further checks you can carry out:

CAre the yard and pathways free of sightline-blocking branches and shrubbery? What kind of lighting illuminates your property? Is it motion-senor activated? Do the exterior lights you leave on in your absence all-encompassing? Do your neighbors have a good view of your lawn and walkway, to discourage lurking intruders?

Get a trellis door: When it comes to security two doors are better than one.

Get a Burglar Alarm: Turn it on and make sure the alarm company sign is on your gate or fence

Get a Door Viewer/ peephole: will be able to see who is at the front door before opening it

Immediately replace broken windows and locks: burglars are just given easy access this way

Make sure a neighbour takes in your mail while you are on holiday as a build-up of mail is a clear sign that a house is empty

If you would like your house checked for security issues please contact Donnelly Home Maintenance where your local Hermanus handyman can advise you on any improvements you can make

Hermanus Handyman – Making Your Home Secure