Hermanus Home Renovations – House Painting and Decorating

Hermanus Home Renovations – House Painting and Decorating

Is your house looking tired? Is your paintwork dated or peeling from exposure to the elements? Are you tired of your house colour and want a change? Then it’s time to have the exterior of your house decorated. This can be a daunting and time-consuming task but by hiring a professional painter and decorator you will not only protect your home but also add value to your house.

The most important part of any exterior painting work is the preparation. Painting is physical work and is time consuming, requiring patience, skill and care to achieve the best results. It is definitely not a quick job to do in your lunchtime…

Large exterior surfaces will require scaffolding to provide access and previously painted walls may have to be washed and may need priming if flaking has occurred. Cracks will have to be repaired and filled and new rendered surfaces will have to be sealed with masonry primer.

A key element is to choose the best exterior paint available and do a minimum of two coats. The choice of paint is entirely down to you but at Donnelly Home Maintenance we can advise on finding paint that will be suitable for all weather conditions and paint that is long lasting.

For a first class finish phone or email Donnelly Home Maintenance for a free assessment and quotation on all your exterior and interior paint work requirements