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Holiday Home Maintenance in Hermanus and Walker Bay

Holiday Home Maintenance in Hermanus and Walker Bay

Holiday homes are particularly vulnerable to burglary and storm damage during the winter months. Damage to holiday homes that are left empty for long periods during this time can go unnoticed for weeks or months – with devastating effects.

There are many areas where property owners can reduce the likelihood of damage and
below are some simple holiday home maintenance tips to prevent them:

Storms and high winds can cause considerable damage to your property which can go unnoticed, especially if you lock up your holiday home over winter so before you do –

  • Check chimneys, roof tiles and slates are secure so you don’t get water damage in the roof space
  • Don’t forget to check that granny flats / garages / sheds are weather tight.
  • Are the satellite dish and TV aerial fixed securely?

Don’t desert your garden during the winter months. A falling tree could damage your property so keep trees well pruned, remove dead branches and ensure they are clear of buildings and cables. Garden furniture should also be stored away.

Gates, fences and window shutters should be well fastened to avoid damage

Ensure pipes are well lagged, wrap exposed outside pipes with insulating sleeves and make sure that water tanks get insulation too. s.

Know where gas and electricity supplies can be turned off and where your stopcock is as speedily shutting off the water in an emergency could prevent a great deal of damage

If all else fails make sure your holiday home is insured for such losses.

Clear gutters and drains regularly from leaves and debris,as blocked gutters can overflow and flood the roof or cause damp problems.

Keeping your holiday home well ventilated by opening doors and windows from time to time or using a dehumidifier will help to stop condensation and mould.
Slips and trips

Most burglaries are carried out by opportunists when a holiday home is empty so fit mortice locks or bolts to all external doors and locks to all downstairs or easily accessible windows. Consider installing iron grilles on windows or roll-down, reinforced metal shutters.

Never leave keys in obvious places such as under a doormat or plant pot.

Install security lighting to illuminate entry points and put internal lights on timers