Cold, Wet and Dark OutsideHandyman in Hermanus – Holiday home maintenance in winter

Handyman in Hermanus – Holiday home maintenance in winter

Holiday homes that stand empty for long periods or are used only sporadically are particularly vulnerable to burglary, storm damage and neglect during the winter months. If left un-maintained, this can prove expensive and inconvenient to remedy. The solution is to have a holiday home maintenance plan that keeps your property up together throughout the year.

A regular holiday home maintenance package can prevent the following damages occurring:

Storm damage: living on the coast in Hermanus, storms and high winds can cause considerable damage to your property which can go unnoticed for long periods of time especially if you lock up your holiday home over winter

We will check that chimneys, roof tiles and gutters are secure so you don’t get water damage . We will ensure that the TV aerial and satellite dish are secure, that any outbuildings are watertight and securely locked. We will keep trees pruned and remove dead branches to prevent falling tree damage and maintain fences and boundaries.

Blocked gutters and drains: we will clear gutters and drains regularly from leaves and debris, as blocked gutters can overflow and flood the roof or cause damp problems.

Thefts: we can install additional security measures such as fitting mortice locks or bolts to all external doors and locks to all downstairs or easily accessible windows. We can also install security lighting on sensors.

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