Builder in Hermanus – Home improvements – hanging a new door

Builder in Hermanus – Home improvements – hanging a new door

An easy improvement to your update your home is to install new internal doors. Here are a few pointers on how to do this:

Firstly remove your existing door. Offer your new door to the existing opening size and then using a pencil mark the door so that you know how much to plane off. Once the door fits in the opening, mark out your hinges, both top and bottom, and fix the hinges first to the door and then fix 2 screws to each hinge so that the door can hang correctly. Check that the door opens and closes easily.

If the door fits well you can then fix in the remaining screws. If not, remark where the door hits the frame and remove the screws and re-plane / sand off the required amount before repeating the procedure

Ideally, there should be a 2mm gap on either side and at the top, between the door and the frame, when the door is in place. Allow 5-10mm at the bottom of the door if you have a thick carpet.

When painting your door always follow the wood grain for a smooth and even finish. Ensure that it is free from dust before starting and then apply a primer and 2 undercoats. Apply the top coat when dry.

Builder in Hermanus

If you would like a professional to hang your new doors in Hermanus, please contact us at Donnelly Home Maintenance.