Home Improvements Hermanus – Revamp your Bathroom

Home Improvements Hermanus – Simple ways to Revamp your Bathroom

Very often little changes can have a big impact and renovating your bathroom is no exception:

Buy a new toilet seat
Having a new seat in place can make a huge difference. Unbolt the old one from the rear of the bowl and attach a new one. You may want a wooden one, a soft-close version that does’nt slam shut or even a modern themed seat

Replace your shower head
This can instantly modernise your bathroom with a new shower head. Unscrew the old shower head, remove the plumber’s tape, apply new tape to the threads and twist on the new shower head. You may want a water-saving one, a trendy swamper head or a power shower.

Re-silicone the bath or sink
Discolored silicone makes a bathroom look dirty even when it’s not so remove the old stuff with a scraper, then wash and dry surfaces and apply a new mould-resistant waterproof silicone at a 45-degree angle.

Change the light fittings
Lighting is key in a bathroom and good lighting makes it a great place to put on makeup and do your hair even on dark winter mornings

Change the towel rails and toilet roll holder
New fittings can have a real wow factor – look into new chrome fittings with a modern look to transform your bathroom

Buy new mirrors or a bathroom cabinet
Extra storage is always welcome in bathrooms and you can never have too many mirrors

  • Change the colour of the walls
  • Put down a new floor
  • Get a new shower curtain or shower screen
  • Replace the towels and bath mat if they look faded and jaded

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