Applying Wood StainHome Maintenance Hermanus – Treating Wood

Home Maintenance Hermanus – Treating Wood

Living along the Overberg and Walker Bay coastline any timber or exterior wood takes a serious beating from the rain, sun and wind.  If left untreated and allowed to weather, hardwoods will turn a greyish colour over time and deteriorate into a dry and brittle state as the natural oils and moisture in the wood deplete.  Continuous wet and dry cycles cause wood to swell and shrink, split and crack and look unattractive and uncared for.

Moisture from dew and rain will be absorbed by untreated wood and cause it to soften and swell and prolonged exposure to the wet will create a perfect environment for the growth of organisims such as algae, mould and mildew that will feed on the wood causing further rot and decay.

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Home Maintenance in Hermanus and the Overberg

Exposure to the sun will dry out the wood and shrink it and the UV rays will dull the colour rendering it grey.

A good quality wood varnish or treatment followed by a regular maintenance program will keep your exterior timber and wood in excellent condition and ensure a long and good looking life…

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