Home maintenance in Hermanus:  laying a stepping stone path

Home maintenance in Hermanus:  laying a stepping stone path

A stone path across your lawn is a great way to gain easy access to areas of your garden like the shed or pond without too much disruption to your garden.

You will need a spade, sharp sand, cement, a wheel barrow and a rubber mallet.

Firstly lay out your chosen stepping stones to your desired shape on the grass so that you can see what the path will look like before digging up your lawn. Walk over the stones to ensure that they are spaced to suit the length of your stride. Once you have adjusted the spacing of the stones cut around each stone with a spade removing the turf. Remove about 40mm of topsoil depending on the thickness of the stones you have chosen.


Make up a mortar in a wheelbarrow using a sharp sand and cement and lay dabs in each corner of the slab and one in the centre and then tap down using your rubber mallet to the desired level. Fill any holes around the stepping stones with some of the soil removed earlier. Leave them to set for at least 48 hours. If the stones are set flush to the lawn or just below, you can mow your lawn without any interference from the path.

Home maintenance in Hermanus

If you would like a stepping stone path in your garden give us a call at Donnelly Home Maintenance. We provide a comprehensive building and maintenance service in the Walker Bay / Hermanus / Overstrand area.