Home maintenance in Hermanus:  looking after your wooden decking

Home maintenance in Hermanus:  looking after your wooden decking

A little time spent maintaining your decking should ensure you get many years of use and enjoyment from it.

Most timber decking is weather resistant and will have been pre-treated with a wood preservative but even then without a little maintenance it may start to look dirty and stained after a couple of seasons. In this case, cleaning the decking once or twice a year will remove the surface deposits that can create a slippery deck especially during the wet season.

To clean the decking you have two choices: you can use a high pressure power hose to blast off any mould, green algae and debris. This may however rough up the surface of the decking so do not do this more than once a year. An alternative is to use warm water with a little household detergent and a stiff brush / broom to get any dirt and moss out of the decking grooves. Ensure that you then rinse it off with clean water and let it dry out.

Home maintenance in Hermanus

If you would like a professional to maintain your garden decking and you live in the greater Hermanus / Overstrand / Overberg area, please give Donnelly Home Maintenance a ring for a free and friendly quotation.