Home Renovations Hermanus – Adding a Deck

Home Renovations Hermanus – Adding a Deck to Your Home

Living close to the sea in Hermanus means that we are exposed to weather extremes both in the summer and in the winter. Once spring arrives after a long winter you want to be outside enjoying the warmth of the sun so adding a deck to your home not only provides you with a fabulous outdoor living space, but it also adds value to your home. You can easily add valued square meterage to your home with a spacious deck. Kick back and enjoy sunrises and sunsets from an outdoor vantage point.

Here at Donnelly Home Maintenance we can deal with all of your decking needs so no matter what material or design you would like we can create an outdoor living area you will love.

If you already have an existing deck that is looking a bit tired and requires some maintenance we can clean it, reseal it, stain it or repair warped or rotting boards. Mildew, mold and moss on decks traps water causing the wood to slowly rot and can also make a deck extremely slippery creating the potential for injury to yourself, your family and guests. Regular pressure washing will rid you deck of thes problems.