Builder in Hermanus:  kitchen modernisations

Builder in Hermanus:  kitchen modernisations

Your kitchen is likely to be the most commonly used room in your house: it is traditionally the heart of the

home where we prepare and cook foo, socialise with friends and family and eat and therefore it is an essential part of our life fabric. Unfortunately very often poor layout, bad lighting, cramped spaces, outdated fixtures and kitchen units take all the pleasure out of spending time in this room.

If you do decide to proceed with a kitchen renovation it is important to identify what features you would like your new kitchen to possess in order to make it both comfortable and practical:
• If your existing kitchen is too small enlarging the room with an extension may be a solution as may designing a completely different layout
• If your fixtures and fittings, cabinets and worktops are dated, replacing these with new ones will totally transform your room
• If your kitchen is old it may not have enough electrical sockets to cope with all the modern kitchen appliances you have
• There are many affordable ways to renovate and update your kitchen: rather than replacing all the units you can replace just the doors and handles, new tiling and new lighting will also make a world of difference as will a simple coat of fresh paint or new wallpaper.
• Because the kitchen is so well used, it may have scuffed skirting boards and grubby doors that can be repainted to immediately freshen up the room

Builder in Hermanus

If you would like to renovate or modernise your kitchen on a budget, please contact Donnelly Home Maintenance for advice and a free consultation. We provide a complete building service in the Hermanus / Walker Bay / Overberg area.