House Renovations Hermanus – Constructing Raised Garden Beds

House Renovations Hermanus – Constructing Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds and planters are ideal for people who can’t bend too low, for example those with bad backs, the elderly or those in wheelchairs. They are also great for pet owners as animals can’t run amok through your plants.

The height of a raised garden bed can be specifically customised to your requirements and you can plant anything in them from shrubs and perennials to vegetables and herbs and some soft fruits.
Raised planters can be constructed of a variety of materials to suit your house and garden. Examples would include railway sleepers, timber, brickwork or natural stone. They provide an attractive break between a patio and a lawn and can become a real feature in your garden.

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Garden beds raised off the native soil are ideal for areas with bad ground as you can add shingle for efficient drainage. Another advantage is that as they are above ground the condition of your soil is not an issue as the raised beds are filled with your own choice of top quality soil. You can also add specific soil for planting specific plants that require a certain type of soil.
After the initial construction raised garden beds require less maintenance than ordinary garden beds as weeding is easier due to the height and the soil quality.

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