Landscaper in Hermanus –  water wise gardening in the Overberg

Landscaper in Hermanus –  water wise gardening in the Overberg

With water becoming a more precious commodity due to climate change it is essential that we all make every drop count. Here are some of my top tips to conserve water:

1. Mulch your soil
Mulching the soil around plants to a depth of 2- 5cm helps to conserve water in the soil and you will not need to water so frequently

2. Make compost
Put all your grass, fallen leaves and garden clippings as well as weeds that have not set seed onto a compost heap and use to mulch your plants.

3. Plant more trees
A garden shaded with trees needs less water during the summer months so plant a tree that does not require much water and then raise the soil around the outer edge of the planting hole to form a basin that will hold water around the tree roots.

4. Time your watering carefully
Remember to reset your irrigation system when the weather cools and only water your garden early in the morning or in the late afternoon to minimise water loss from evaporation

5. Water less often but for longer
This will encourage trees and shrubs to send out deep roots and plants with a deep root system will be happy for longer without water.

6. Install water butts to your downpipes
Each water butt can hold up to 210 litres of water and if used wisely can eliminate the need for a hosepipe

7. Plant water wise plants
Plant indigenous agapanthus, aloes, bush violets, Euphorbia , gazania and succulents in sunny areas where they will thrive with minimal watering

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