PlasteringHermanus Builder – Plastering Cracked and Damaged Walls and Ceilings

Hermanus Builder – Plastering Cracked and Damaged Walls and Ceilings

Are the walls in your house looking tired and cracked? It is amazing how a bit of plastering will transform a room and enable you to have a much finer finish to your decorating. Here are my tips for plastering cracked walls and ceilings:

Step one: remove any flaking plaster and paint using a steel float or scraper

Step two: using a paint roller apply pva adhesive to the area that you are going to plaster as this enables the new plaster to bond to the existing walls and also slows down drying time

Step three: once the pva is dry you can begin to plaster the walls using a hawk and a steel float. I use a multifinish plaster which you mix with water until it forms a stiff paste with peaks. The best way to achieve this is with an electric whisk

Step four: apply the plaster to the wall or ceiling, ensuring that you get it as smooth as possible

Step five: allow the first coat of plaster to dry until tacky and then apply a second coat as smoothly as you can

Step six: once the plaster is touch-dry, use your steel float to run back over the wall or ceiling, flattening any bumps. At this stage you may apply water from a spray bottle to achieve the best and smoothest finish

Step seven: allow the plastering to dry for 48 hours depending on the temperature and drying conditions. You are then ready to paint!

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