The change in the weather is evident and the mornings are darker which can only mean one thing ~ winter is on it’s way!  It is most often the roof that escapes the inspection of the home owner as it is difficult to access so unfortunately water pouring down the walls or a section of plaster collapsing is regularly the first indication that there is a problem. Home owners who delay in fixing leaks could be putting their families and homes at risk especially if the water  enters the electrical system.

Your first check in preparation for winter should therefore be your roof as it endures the brunt of winter conditions to protect your home and this does wear it down over time. Check your roof regularly for signs of damage. Adverse weather conditions such as those we experience here on the coast can cause tiles to break and create exposed areas where leaks and holes can form which allows water to seep through to your house.

Home owners should also check the gutters and any storm water drainage pits for blockages as well as the perimeter boundary of the house for debris build up that can prevent water draining away and ultimately lead to flooding. If your home is in a low lying area you should consider installing surface drainage systems around potential water entry points to ensure that no water enters the home.

Other winter home maintenance checks should include:

  • Make sure the guttering is clear of debris as this simple step will prevent water backing up and flowing back into roof spaces or under the house
  • Ensure downpipes flow into the storm water drain or the rain water tank not under the house
  • Have the roof checked and repaired for any broken tiles, general wear, damaged pointing or loose flashing to avoid internal leaks in the home
  • Check flue flashing and make sure that flues and chimneys are clear of soot and debris that may cause fire
  • Check around exterior and under house for any excessive dampness or water pooling
  • In the garden check for slippery pathways and driveway areas likely to cause slip and trip hazards
  • Check for any mould spots on interior walls which could be a sign of dampness in the home
  • Check seals around windows and doors for heat loss
  • Check all interior and exterior taps and repair any leaks
  • Check that all power points are functioning correctly and have any with scorch marks checked by a licenced electrician
  • Assess your insulation. If it is worn from years of weather or pest infestations it will not be operating at maximum ability

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