Eavestrough with downspoutProperty Maintenance Services Hermanus – Vermont, Onrus, Sandbaai, Hemel en Aarde

Property Maintenance Services Hermanus – Vermont, Onrus, Sandbaai, Hemel en Aarde

Regular property maintenance is essential for keeping your home warm, dry and energy efficient. A property can fall apart if maintenance work such as roof repairs, exterior painting or guttering is neglected– even a blocked gutter can lead to serious damp problems.

Make sure your property is structurally sound – crumbling walls, roof defects and even just damp can all cause your home to become structurally unsound and dangerous to live in. Regular maintenance will ensure your property is safe and extends the life span of your home and can also save you money as if you leave maintenance work for too long then you can end up having to pay out so much more for extensive repairs which could have been avoided

Preventative care is the best form of maintenance. This is especially true of your roof, which can be extremely expensive to put right if repairs are left to mount up. Visually inspect your roof at least twice a year, especially after severe weather and look for broken, cracked or missing tiles or slates, gaps between joins or defective fascias and sofits.

Blocked gutters can cause household damp so clear yours regularly and check for leaks at joints and  cracks. The same goes for all rain pipes, gullies and drains. You may want to install grills at the top of pipes and around gutters to stop leaves and rubbish causing a blockage. If you have cast-iron pipes they may need regular painting to stop them rusting

If you have a working fireplace your chimney should be swept by a professional at least once a year; this is important to prevent chimney fires and poisoning from trapped smoke or carbon monoxide fumes. Also check the outside of your chimney, making sure the structure is not crumbling or leaning to one side.

Driveways and hard landscaping such as decking and patios should be paved correctly and regularly swept and cleaned if necessary. You may want to use a pressure washer every once in a while for a deep clean. In winter especially, these areas can become slippery with moss and frost can cause stone or solid surfaces to expand and crack. Regular sealing (for example by painting wood decking) can prevent this.
Windows and doors

Cleaning your windows and doors makes an instant good impression to visitors and can boost the value of your property. Windows and doors should be good quality and well maintained so carry out any necessary repairs as soon as possible and keep on top of paint work. This will also ensure that your home stays warm and energy efficient.

As well as keeping on top of gardening and lawn mowing, trees should be pruned and don’t forget to weatherproof and repair fencing and protect garden furniture from the elements too.
External walls: Weatherproof and insulate your exterior walls. To ensure that your walls withstand the weather, it is important to make sure they are insulated and properly weatherproofed with regular plastering and painting.