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Renovations in Hermanus – Applying Wood Stain

Renovations in Hermanus – Applying Wood Stain

It is essential to keep wooden furniture and other timber structures in good condition especially living by the seaside in the Overberg area with the winter storms and rain followed by the extreme heat of summer.  Wood stain will not apply properly on previously painted or varnished surfaces so these have to be sanded first back to the bare wood.

Any traces of glue must be removed and all crackes and holes filled with a wood filler that will absorb the wood stain.  Some epoxy based fillers are unsuitable so be aware of this.

If you are using a water based stain first apply water to the wood to raise the grain and then sand lightly until smooth.  If using a solvent based stain you can simply sand the wood immediately.Apply your chosen stain evenly and generously over the surface ensuring that you work in the direction of the grain.

Let the area dry completely and then apply a second coat.  Finish off with wax or varnish but be aware that both of these will darken the finish of the stain.

For any advice on maintaining wooden or timber phone your local Home Maintenance Service Providers in Hermanus – Donnelly Home Maintenance.

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