Roof Painting Contractors Hermanus

Roof Painting Contractors Hermanus

Traditionally winter is the season that any problems with your roof will become apparent once the torrential downpours begin.

Unfortunately the one area that is often overlooked in general home maintenance is the roof as well as gutters and down pipes. Debris, branches, leaves and other items blown by winter winds and into your gutters can become a problem if not discovered before the rainy season.

Whether your roof is tiled or corrugated, painting it is a great way to add value to your home. To get the job done properly and safely, it’s important to prepare thoroughly and use the right equipment.

Before you painting, your roof needs to be cleaned with a high-pressure washer and checks need to be carried out to assess broken or cracked tiles and replace them. Damaged mortar around the ridge capping must be repaired and new mortar applied.

There are superb new roof paints on the market so always ensure that you use the best quality that you can afford that is suitable for the climate that you live in and with the longest guarantee.

Painting your roof can aid in:

Protection from damp
Energy efficiency
Increasing your property value
Improving the aesthetic appearance of your roof

Here at Donnelly Home Maintenance our roofing service includes:

Roof Maintenance
Roofing Replacements
Flat Roofing
Waterproof Membrane
Roof Tiling
Chimney Repairs
General Roof Repairs
Cement work
Pointing work
Storm damage repairs

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