Handyman in Hermanus – Sanding Timber Floors

Handyman in Hermanus – Sanding Timber Floors

Sanding the floors in your house can be a wonderful way to transform your home… wooden floors are easier to clean than fitted carpet and do not harbour dust and mites and are therefore healthier for those with pets and allergies

Here are some of my top tips if you are doing the job yourself:

• Clear the room: it must be completely clear of furniture and anything that may be affected by dust. The best sanders for hire have an integral dust collector and are close to dust- free
• You will need 2 sanders: one for edges and one for large areas
• Fill the gaps with either strips of hardboard, MDF or a professional filler and then stain with a varnish to match the original floor

• Be aware that the 2 types of floor that will need special attention are pine and parquet flooring: parquet will require a specialist sanding machine while pine floors have to have all the nail heads punched down below the boards as pine is not flat and your sandpaper will be shredded
• Hammer down all nails that might be sticking out
• Make sure you buy some disposable facemasks and you may like to consider ear-defenders too as the machines can be very loud
• Be aware of leaving the sander in one place for too long and over sanding as the sanders can be very powerful
• Ensure that you sand with the grain and not against it
• Continue sanding until you can see new wood
• Vacuum the floor, leave for a few hours and repeat then seal with varnish

If you live in the Hermanus area and would like a professional Handyman in Hermanus to carry out your floor sanding for you, please contact us at Donnelly Home Maintenance

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